Outsource Your Janitorial Tasks

Our Minneapolis Janitorial Services offer you daily janitorial services perfect for your company. We can help your office with janitorial tasks such as mopping floors, emptying trash cans, and washing windows. We can also help with daily tasks that are necessary, but don’t require a full-time employee to maintain. This allows you to get back to your to-do list without having to worry about the appearance of your office.Handi takes great pride in providing our clients with a detailed clean every time. Our crew is incredibly detailed and organized when it comes to the cleaning process. They take the time to make sure that every job is done right the first time. You won’t find a superior cleaning company anywhere in Minnesota.

Our crew uses only non-toxic, environmentally safe products to clean your office. They go through green cleaning certifications to ensure that only the highest quality Eco-friendly products are used. Cleaning this way means that we get the deepest clean possible without leaving behind a filmy residue.

We also use a color coded system that allows us to only use certain cloths in specific areas of your office. For instance, we use one color cloth for your bathroom and a separate color for your desks. This ensures that no cloth that was used in the bathroom will ever be used on your desks.

You’ll Get The Following Services When You Hire Handi:

  • Empty Trash Cans- We will remove all trash from both personal and communal trash cans and re-line trash cans.
  • Restock Bathrooms- We will restock your bathroom with all the necessities, such as toilet paper, soap and paper towels, to ensure that all restrooms are well-stocked with all necessary products.
  • Mop and Vacuum Floors- We will dry and wet mop all hard surfaces and vacuum all of the floors. We will also buff any floors that require attention.
  • Washing Windows- We will wipe down internal windows to remove dust, streaks and finger marks from windows and glass doors.
  • Dusting- We will dust all surfaces, plants, bookshelves, desks, door sills, and more.
  • Blind Cleaning- We will dust and wipe down all of the blinds in the office to remove dust buildup.

We believe that no two companies have the same cleaning needs. Knowing this we like to offer our clients a plan that fits their needs instead of imposing costs for services our clients don’t need. We offer fully customizable cleaning plans to fit your budget and needs. This allows us to provide the cleaning services you require without the cost of services you don’t want.